What is Voicebikes?
Voice is the sound from the heart of a rider. Every product from us is the expression of cycling. We are the professors of mechanics, the professional cyclists, the experienced manufacturer and the expressive artists.

Strong Light Technology, are the main concept of Voicebikes.
We know deep down the requirements of the components from the top-level cyclists, that they want them as light-weight as possible with enough strength. As they know that their data of power is the key of the racing, so they care about every watt of power from themselves. Therefore, we use rigorous mechanical analysis method and manufacturing method to produce our every components, to make our products meet the requirements of the top-level cyclists. We use ansys software to analyze the mechanical structure. The standard which we apply to test our frames is 20% higher than the ISO4.

We deeply believe that only reliable materials and processing methods are the basic of producing perfect products. Therefore, you will not find any showy and not substantial things on our products. Just as our mountain bike is still in perfect condition after experiencing 120 thousand-times vibration test.(*)(*) The test is based on the testing environment of ISO4.

Top-level cyclists do really care about their weight and power ratio kg/w. Being components of apparatuses in the competitions, every single weight of them may be able to influence the performance of the cyclists, and finally influence the speed. In Voice, we apply the internal mandrel method to manufacture our carbon frames and carbon products. As you can see, the inside of Voice carbon frame is very smooth and clean. By applying this technology, our carbon frame is 150g to 300g lighter than the one from other brands, and it is very strong.

According to the excellent mechanical analysis software such as ansys, we obtain the data to design our components. In competitive sports, the previous experience will no longer be the reliable evidence. The development of sports equipments is dominated by the mechanism and material science. So we are benefit from applying these technology on our products

There are top-level cyclists in Voice Team and they know the trend of this sport very well, once it changes, we always can catch it rapidly. Just as we develop the world' s first singlespeed chainring using in triathlon and time trial for Falcobike, the world' s first singlespeed chainring with the discharging dirt ability——solo VX1evo, the new generation of carbon frame Rhapsody and the coming....Whatever, we are always the pioneers of this sport. Weather before and after, Voice is the future.

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