• Silence 2.0 Ultra

Silence 2.0 Ultra
We have collected various experiences and advice of handlebar usage from elite riders, in this data, it can be found that controllability, comfort and enough strength are highly mentioned. In the following resea-rch, we found that the transitional 45°car-bon fiber arrangement on the handlebar is more higher than the safety standard strength, or it can be defined as over-strength, so the damping effect and comfort will be decreased. We used UD carbon fiber and unique epoxy resin formu-la to manufacture Silence Ultra carbon handlebar, and it passed the ISO4210 test. We supplied the test model to some elite riders including the National Champion of Portugal David Rosa, and they gave good feedbacks for the wonderful controllability and comfort. Silence Ultra carbon handlebar hasbeen used by the Tropix Interna-tional Team in the UCI MTB World cup.

Width:700mm x 31.8mm

Rise:0° Back:9°


Silence 2.0 Ultra

Silence 2.0 Ultra

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