• Rock

he joy of manipulation and the stability of long-distance cycling were our original intentions for designing Rock. We hope it’s a stable bicycle frame that can be used for both races and long-distance cycling, and we have done it! ----- This is achieved by the 433mm rear fork length and the properly lengthened Reach (399/S 422/M 443/L) of the new generation Rock. Thanks to such geometric settings, the new generation of Rock will give riders more comfortable and stable performance in feedback from long-distance cycling. It's a bicycle full of joy of manipulation and allows you to ride farther.

Size: S/15 M/17 L/19

Wheelsize: 29”







The inspiration of red, white and blue color on the toptube comes from the medal ribbon, representing the determination of pursuing honor.

And the inspiration of the deep and shallow design on the downtube comes from the movie .

Tanya Rosswuw-----The former Juniorchampion of South Africa.Tanya Rosswuw

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